David Melling was born in Oxford and now lives near the city, although he grew up in London. A critically acclaimed illustrator, David previously worked as a photographer and as an animation artist for films including the much-loved Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs. His most popular picture book, The Tale of Jack Frost, was animated and shown on BBC1 and shown on Christmas day with a voice-over by Hugh Laurie. The film was shortlisted for a BAFTA in the Best Animated Film category.

David is now a full-time author and illustrator with two young children. As well as the Goblins series he has a new picture book publishing this year,
The Star-Faced Crocodile.

To find out more about David Melling visit his website: www.davidmelling.co.uk

To contact David Melling's agent please see: www.eunicemcmullen.co.uk

David says
“There is a land, hidden but not so very far away, where the winds can blow day into night and most things inside out. Nearly all the creatures in this secret place of magic enchantment are friendly enough, in their own way, except, perhaps, for goblins. Now, it is unwise to trust goblins of any kind, for they will lie and cheat as soon as look at you! But fortunately they are dim-witted, as this story clearly shows…”

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